Services We Offers !

  • Exports

      • We are one of the leading exporter of archetectural hardware(ironmongery) in Dubai to accross the world, our major exporting countries are Qatar, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, India, Oman, Afganistan etc...

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  • Retail
    • We are suppling Architectural hardware to local market also, mainly we are sourcing ironmongery to the Door manufacturer and retail dealers.

      We are dealing in the brands mention below:
      Yale (UK) ISEO (Italy) Godrej (India) Redecore (China)
      Devon (UK) Samuel Health (Italy)   Villa (China)
      MAB (UK) Mandelli (Italy)    
      Dorient (UK) Colombo (Italy)    
      Consort (UK)      
      Geze (UK)      
      Eurospec (UK)      
      Union (UK)      
      Dorma (UK)      
      Euroart (UK)      
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  • Projects
    • We are heighly professionals in the projects sales.
      1. Samples
      We undertake to provide samples and sample boards for client approval. Where required we also provide samples for mockup rooms or demonstration areas. We provide a full range of preparation samples to the subcontractors to ensure accurate detailing or door mortising.
      2. Technical Support
      We provide to project with the widest available technical support programme. We can call on the resource of not only our local experienced staff, but the combined knowledge of our subsidiary companies.
      We understand technical issues as they will impact across the many varied trades that require our hardware. We present the options based on the bigger picture to allow the consultants to make the decisions as best for the project.
      3. Project Co-ordination
      We will undertake to ensure that the materials specified will be fit for purpose across the various trades and where necessary meet the standards as stipulated by the local governing authority.
      4. After Sales Service
      Where required, all projects are provided with full maintenance manuals. These will include full adjustment and service details as provided by the manufacturer of each specific product.
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